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"The Angry Staff Officer"

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This blog might just be my new favourite thing on the Internet. Behind the Tavern and all the wonderful people in it, of course.

Warfighter: Middle Earth
Although Eowyn was wounded, she and Merry combined to render the Witch-king combat ineffective by depriving him of his earthly body.
Warfighter: Toad Hall
That sound? Oh, that’s just the clunking of heads hitting desks, as people react to their beloved childhood book being brought under the scrutiny of the military microscope. But really, we’d be doing an injustice to that mighty asymmetric warfighter, the Badger, if we neglected to share his courageous story with an entirely new generation of military strategists.
Warfighter: Hoth
Vader’s desire to always be in control led him to micromanage his commanders throughout the entire operation. Nothing like holographic technology to enable you to micromanage the hell out of your troops.

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