Spelling and Grammar Assistance Thread

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Spelling and Grammar Assistance Thread

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Calling all spelling and grammar fiends!

We are looking to create a list of people willing and able to help writers with those sticky problems of spelling, grammar and formatting. If you are happy to lend a hand, please copy the form below and post it in the thread.

Spelling and Grammar Assistance Form
Type of Assistance Offered: (spelling, grammar, formatting, plot, everything)
Preferred Method of Contact: (PM, email, this thread)
Frequency of Response: (immediately, weekly, monthly)

Please ensure you post again in the thread if you are no longer available to help, need a break, or won’t be around for an extended period of time.

Quick Questions

If you have a quick question on any point related to writing, but don't need the complete services of a proofreader, please feel free to post in the thread and the first person available will answer it for you

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