The Tavern is moving!

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The Tavern is moving!

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After two years at what was intended to be a temporary address, the Mallorean Tavern is finally moving to a new location.

At this point, the move is scheduled for Friday 14 April, a day I have chosen to dub Moving Day. Expect to see things move around 4am UTC (that’s early afternoon in Australia, or Thursday night in the US).

Hopefully, everything from your point of view will be unchanged. You’ll fire up your browser on or after Moving Day, and find yourself redirected from the current address to the new one. Maybe you have to log in again, and if your browser had your login details saved, you may need to re-enter your password for the first time in a while—but your username and password will be the same as they ever were. All of the existing posts will be there waiting for you, and everything else will look the same, except that maybe you’ll notice that the long-expected change to a new logo has happened.


I can’t promise that everything will run smoothly, but I’ll certainly be trying my hardest to make things as seamless as possible. To make this move happen, the current Tavern will be locked up on Moving Day, and it may be some hours before the new one opens.

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