The Tavern has moved!

For drinking and general socialising.
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The Tavern has moved!

Post by Peregrine »

As advised previously, the Tavern has moved to a new address. Aside from the new location, everything should be the same as it was before.

You will have to log in anew, which may be inconvenient if you relied on your browser to save your login details, as they will be associated with the old address. Apart from that, however, you should notice no differences.

Please let me know urgently if you have any problems at all. If you can sign in, you can message me through the forum. If you can't, send me an email to the user "admin", at our new domain, (Sorry about the anti-spambot obfuscation there.)

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Re: The Tavern has moved!

Post by Lensman »

Wheee! It's all worked! My log-in is functioning, and I can see everything. Congratulations, Mr Webmeister - a masterful job!

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Re: The Tavern has moved!

Post by Lady Moreta »

And I was smart enough to check my password before the move happened, so I didn't have to reset it :D (I had no idea what it was.)
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Re: The Tavern has moved!

Post by Seeress of Kell »

I'm just excited because I have a plan for a new feature... not really on the Tavern, but kinda... but more info on that later.

Also I totally did not MAKE Moreta adopt dragons. I just made it look fun :P

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