A Soundtrack to the book...

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A Soundtrack to the book...

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So a while back I came across the Real Tuesday Weld’s album ‘A Soundtrack For The Last Werewolf’, which as the name suggests is a soundtrack to Glenn Duncan’s novel The Last Werewolf. Quite enjoyed the album so figured I’d get myself a copy of the book to go along with it.
I enjoyed the book as well, interestingly it changed the meanings for a couple of the songs for me (now having the book to add some extra context to the lyrics).

All in all I enjoyed the combination of book and related music so was curious whether anyone had come across anything similar or had thoughts on The Last Werewolf (or the similar Real Tuesday Weld album “I, Lucifer” which is to accompany another of Glen Duncan’s books)?

Link to Album details: http://www.tuesdayweld.com/portfolio-po ... -werewolf/

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