RIP Terry Pratchett

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RIP Terry Pratchett

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Death has come for the author of Discworld. I hope he greeted His creator suitably, in the CAPITALS in which Death always speaks.

I am deeply saddened at the news. I know I'm not alone in that (my daughter is not the only person on Facebook this afternoon to say she is in tears). We have lost one of the finest English writers I know.

His skill was to create humour and social comment in equal measure, as well as taut plotting and engaging characters, all in a remarkably well-realised fantasy world.

For those of you who haven't read any Pratchett, I can only say "Why not?"

I'm not sure if this thread should be here or in the Great Hall, but I suspect Sir Terry would appreciate the irony of his passing being reported in a chamber of falling stars. And his books have also become TV series, stageplays, radio series, tee-shirts and board and roleplaying games, so I think he belongs here.

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